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Charging Port/Battery Repair

These are Some related questions regarding charging port and battery issue with iPhone:

Why my iPhone won’t turn on?
Can you Replace iPhone Battery?

There are several issues that could cause your phone to not power on. The most common iPhone issues is battery or charging port damage. At iRepex we can offer both service in less than one hour.

Has your phone’s battery life been less than great? We offer a quick and easy iPhone battery replacement service.

Phone Battery ReplacementiPhone battery replacement is a quick and easy fix! Our iPhone battery replacement service starts with a full diagnostic to see if it actually the battery needs to be replaced. Over time, batteries naturally tend to deplete and the older your model the more prone the battery is to die. This is most noticeable when under heavy use or if your battery is slow to charge. We can help you get some life back in your iPhone.

iPhone Battery and Performance

iPhone is designed to deliver an experience that is simple and easy to use. This is only possible through a combination of advanced technologies and sophisticated engineering. One important technology area is battery and performance. Batteries are a complex technology, and a number of variables contribute to battery performance and related iPhone performance. All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan—eventually their capacity and performance decline so that they need to be replaced. As batteries age, it can contribute to changes in iPhone performance.

iPhone batteries use lithium-ion technology. Compared with older generations of battery technology, lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. Rechargeable lithium-ion technology currently provides the best technology for your device.

Iphone Battery Performance