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iPhone Screen/Glass Replacement

Broken or Cracked Glass?
Un-responsive Touch Screen?
Bleeding screen?

Iphone Broken Screen Replacement Toronto
No problem! This is by far the most common repairs we see at iRepex

All you need is a reliable repair shop that will provide a high quality and convenient repair. If your screen is broken, you have two main iPhone screen repair options: Glass or LCD repair. The front glass protects the screen and can break on its own. The LCD display controls what you see and a broken one can look like pixelated lines or just a blank screen. No matter the model of iPhone you have we can fix all screens.

Common questions:

What’s the difference between glass and LCD?

If you’ve looked into replacement parts, you’ve likely come across two very different options: a glass screen, and LCD screen. If just the Glass has cracked and the touch screen and display are working fine, you can get it fixed cheaper.  The glass screen is the exterior layer on your phone’s display. While it is specially engineered for durability, it’s still just glass (between layers of plastic film), which is why it’s not very pricey to replace. The LCD on the other hand is entirely responsible for the display and touch-response function of your device. Therefore it costs more to fix it.

How do I know which screen is broken?

If you see the spider web patterns of shattered glass across the front of your iPhone and touch screen still works and there is no damage to the display, then it is just broken glass.

Whether the damage is visible or not, it’s a good idea to run a quick diagnostic to determine the extent of it.

Whether the glass is cracked or not, examine the display and look for:

  • Black spots, discolored areas, or blurred sections on the screen.
  • A screen that stays completely black.
  • Lines or patterns that aren’t simple cracks in the glass.
  • Lack of touch sensitivity.

If you encounter any of these problems, you’re dealing with a broken LCD screen. If the glass is shattered, but the display is clear and touch capability is working, that’s a good sign. The problem is probably just the glass screen.

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