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Water Damaged Repair

What to Do if you Drop Your iPhone in Water?

Most of the Liquid damage devices as long as the customer doesn’t try to turn them on or charge them, are fixable with the reasonable price.
Even if your device is on after water damage turn it off and bring it here for our professional technicians because more frequently the device is on, less likely it can save repair.

Iphone Water Damage RepairWe offer you free diagnostic then give you the exact cost and problem.
If your iPhone has come into contact with water, the first step is to get it to an iPhone repair professional as soon as possible. Corrosion can set in and cause short circuits, leaving you with very few iPhone repair options. We can run a complete water damage diagnostic to see how far along the damage is and if we can get your iPhone back from its watery grave. Skip the rice bag and bring your iPhone to iRepex.

Getting your phone wet is one of the worst things that can happen to it for a couple of reasons. First, water is one thing that can absolutely make your device unusable. Second, liquid damage is not covered by the Apple warranty or other third party warranties so it cannot be replaced for free.

Even though your iphone may be under warranty Apple will not replace it if there is water damage. In the iPhone there are 4 sensors, two of which you can see.

Each iPhone has water exposure indicators internally and externally, which are located in various places on the phone. When these get wet they turn a bright red.

Once the iPhone comes into contact with water and the watermark indicators turn red, unfortunately this will cause the iPhone warranty to become invalid. However, we offer affordable iPhone repairs and water restoration. We provide original factory recommended OEM parts for your iPhone for better and longer lasting quality repairs. We can repair your iPhone back to like new condition. Contact us when you need to find iPhone water damage repair in Toronto and all surrounding areas.