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Finally, Apple Has Changed The Macbook Pro Keyboard, Which Was Really A Disaster

The new MacBook Pro is going back to the old keyboard.

Apple has stopped on the butterfly keyboard, that it was disastrous for the nature

“innovation” that made the last two iterations of the MacBook Pro (and recent models of MacBook and

MacBook Air) expensive pieces of garbage. this procedure finishes for a years-long nightmare for both Apple and their customers.

Apple has declared that its new MacBook Pro will have an “Extraordinary Keyboard” that has

scissor keys, exactly the same as most laptop keyboards that came before it. “Scissor” and “butterfly” keys refer to the physical mechanism underneath each keycap that register a button press. For years, laptops had scissor switches.


As a matter of fact, Scissor switches let the keys to “travel” a few millimeters down every time they’re pressed. In the interest of shaving off millimeters of thickness from the last two generations of the MacBook Pro, Apple created butterfly switches, which use four more brittle pieces of plastic and let each key to travel shorter distances when pressed.

Butterfly switches result in a less fixable, more sensitive keyboard that is not nice enough to type on, because it feels like you’re smashing your fingers against a hard plastic board with little give.

We should mention that If you’ve bought a new MacBook Pro in the last three and experienced these stories you’ll have heard that, besides being really difficult to fix or replace, butterfly keys are also

sensible and vulnerable to dust, crumbs, and all kinds of rubbish, which has led to a hard typing experience for many people who use them. For instance, my MacBook Pro keyboard will often register two or three button presses on four different keys (the space bar, ‘i,’ ‘p,’ and ‘w’ keys) when I only press them once.

Apple explained the problem like this: “letters repeat unexpectedly … letters do not appear … keys feel ‘sticky.’”

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