Android ten alert for damp and temperature of the phone charging port

The new version of the android platform has a great facility that it become deactivate in risky situation. Finally the new version of the android 10 presented to the bazar after different trials versions.

Good news about this new version that it has a lot of abilities in original and pure android10 without any other prefix or suffix. For instance android ten presented dark them completely in all platform, supported all foldable ones and improve the movement control are some of the its abilities

First of first is the great facility that the USB port deactivated when it face to liquid or any kind of dirt. The story is ,when android ten face to any kinds of dirt or water it will alert that this system stop and it will be active again after cleaning.Don’t forget that you can activated it manually in case of any problem.

We should mention that this ability is not truly new story because companies like Apple and Samsung presented it before in their phones and any other devices otherwise introducing this story by android ten separately has its own attraction for the all users of the Android.

The last but not the least useful ability of the android ten is about USB port again .the protection of this port against high temperature. When the system face to unmoral high temperature, android will ask you to pull out any accessories or supplies.

Are these facilities enough good and useful for android ten? What do you think of android ten?

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