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The Most Important Celebrity of the Microsoft From 2015 Till Now In October 2nd

Presentation of new products of the Microsoft in October 2nd. Probably Microsoft will have a revolutionary product. The second of the October is really important day for the Microsoft. In this day the great incident is the presentation of the Microsoft hardware production of Redmond guys. It seems that this incident is as important as the celebrity of the presentation of Android 10. That incident presented surface book, new version of the surface Pro, new phone windows and the newest Microsoft processor.

Related published news and gossips about Microsoft incident that had been presented surface book 3, surface laptop 3, new versions of the surface Pro 7 are in the lists of the presentation.

Another important gossip is a new product that its name is Project Centaurus that probably will be in the list of the presentation. We should mention that these gossip are from acceptable source.

Movement of the Microsoft to the products like double display or foldable ones were in their program from many years ago till now. At first it was small and packet size called Andromeda as a foldable product from Redmond was on the board in 2017 but now news are about bigger one products and double displays called Centaurus by the size of around 8 to 12 and using Intel hardware.

Centaurus project will present new and special hardware and probably will present Window ten light in addition. This new windows is based on Universal windows platform or UWP and it’s kind of completion with Apple iPad OS, developed Google Chrome Os. it seems that it’s a new story of the competition from Redmond.

Surface communication team declared some information about this incident in more details. Like posters of the incident, time of the presentation of the new products and the live show in Twit. As a matter of fact, the live show is the new dissension of the Redmond’s guys.

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