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Repairing a Flickering Laptop Screen

The flickering laptop screen can be really problematic in many ways. It can be harmful for your eyes and   make your eyes tired. Whenever you are sticking on your project, then you should stop working because you need some rest. Little by little you have got eyestrain or headaches you should know that we have different kinds of flickers as below:

      • Brief
      • Random flickers
      • Some of them persistent

It’s clear that if you know or recognize the form of the flicker you can solve the problem sooner and better. These are some advises that may help you to get rid of this problem.

  1. Change the refresh rate of your monitor .Now what is the refresh rate? It is a measurement of that how many times the screen shines every second. However this setting is for old time versions but it can affect the quality of the liquid crystal do this :
      • Right click the desktop
      • Choose screen resolution
      • Advanced setting
      • monitor
      • finally choose the higher refresh rate
  2. Check your laptop that graphics and drivers always be update. This is the most important cause that faces your laptop with this problem. To check this
      • Search “hardware and sound” in the control panel
      • Click device manager
      • Then you can check the brand and model of your video card

Download the appropriate driver from the manufacture’s driver. However, you can go back to the older driver if the flicker starts again and again after an update.

      • Return to device manager
      • Right click your adaptor
      • Then driver
      • Click roll back driver
      • Choose yes to confirm
  1. Look for vertical sync and turn it on. When the flicker happens Direct X OR Open GL is in use. For instance, when you are playing a PC games. The whole story is the refresh rate of the application  locked by Vertical Sync (Vsync) and change it to refresh rate of the monitor, so Horizontal flicker is become down which improves image quality. you can find the Vsync in “manage 3D setting” for Intel, then search the 3D setting. “On ATI/AMD cards, turn on Wait for Vertical Refresh.”.
  2. Move the laptop to the low or up to check the flicker is related to the movement or not. In this case the problem is hardware failure and the screen cable is damaged. But maybe there are other problems behind it. That hidden problem can be the inverter and the back light. When you face this kind of problem, you should open the laptop but don’t do this if you are not the professional. It is better to take it to the licensed technicians.

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