When Your Macbook Gets Wet, What Should You Do?

In this case immediately turn off your device and disconnect the battery ASAP if you can. As a matter of fact you should be really a lucky guy because sometimes just with professional cleaning service your Mac will be okay. However, your Mac has been under warranty, but Apple will not replace it in case of water damage. The best choice to save your device is turn it off and let our professional certified technicians do their best on your Mac Book.

Here are some advises in these issues:

    1. Get Out of Water Immediately.
      As you surly know.
    1. Don’t Turn it On
      When your Mac is bathed completely, please keep it off and avoid electricity in any case.
    1. Try to Get the Water Out
      Gravity is the best choice, or with suitable towels try to clean and dry it carefully. Do not, in the process of brushing water off your Mac, push it into areas where it can get inside the machine, like the keyboard, joints, vents, or other ports.
    1. Remove All Parts that You Can
      Remove the battery. If you are so technical guy, pull out the hard drive and any other devices you may have.
    1. Tilt Up
      Turn your Mac Book on its edge slightly open and stand it up, on a thick towel. Let gravity help you in this case. Leave your Mac in this situation for a very long time.
    1. Evaporate
      Put the Mac in a sealable container with something that will suck all the moisture out of the air. Cat litter and uncooked rice are two popular choices. Make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t introduce Cat litter inside the machine. Do this at least overnight.
    2. Please Wait for a While
      No matter how tempting, wait for two days.
    1. Vital Moment
      Its time to Plug in and check your Mac.

So, to do all these steps, can help you to save your device or at least minimize the damage. Also, keep it in your mind that, iRepex always can give you the best services and price when it comes to Mac book Repair Service. We will give check your device for free and give you the exact cost and consult.

Liquid / Water Damage Repairs at iRepex

The Key is to turn off your device immediately and disconnect the battery if possible. If you get lucky sometimes just a professional cleaning service will fix your problem. Even though your Mac may be under warranty, Apple will not replace it if there is water damage. The best way to save your device is turn it off and let our professional certified technicians work on your Mac Book.