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iPhone 11 Pro Has Got The Best Display Between Smartphones In Terms Of Display Mate

Experiments of the Display Mate Academy shows that the leader of the Apple, iPhone 11 Pro equipped with the best display.

As you know Apple promised before that it held a conference and explained all new achievements about iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro MAX and iPhone 11.

Recently Display Mate Academy has checked iPhone 11 Pro or Super Retina XDR in detail and gave A+ grade to this display. It means that this Academy believes that the display of the iPhone 11 Pro is the best of all.

Display Mate gave this grade to the leader of the 2018, iPhone XS. It seems that Apple Co. could develop the display of the XS too and use it in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro MAX. The researches of the Display Mate shows again that iPhone 11 Pro has got lighting power till 1200 Nit and that’s a great record in its own level.

Super Retina XDR display not only has one but also it has got two records in this case. This kind of display prepare and choose the best brightness rate depends on the place. For instance, when you are in the sunshine Super Retina shows 800 Nit. Moreover, when you are looking at a concept with high dynamic limitation increase the brightness to 1200 Nit.

Super Retina XDR has got several new record in Display Mate.

Display Mate researches show that iPhone 11 Pro in compare with previous ones improved the displays. Because it wants to declare to the world that our display is the best of all. Based on the formal declaration of the Display Mate, display of the iPhone 11 Pro has got the most precision or Absolute Color Accuracy and it doesn’t have any kind of defect. As a result, it has got the best and the most brightness of OLED in smart phones. Moreover, it has got the most contrast in the light of environment and the least reflection 4.5% from the display, and the least change of the light of the display when you are looking at the angle 25% in 30 degrees and finally the most clarity2.7K equal to 2688/1242 pixel.

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