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Some Points About Apple MacBook Air (2019)

The most important threats to the MacBook Air (2019) is that Windows laptops are really slimmer and more powerful than before. Apple does not work on to provide thin and light laptops, there are also a number of Windows-based Ultrabook’s that come with similar and somehow with better specifications and surprisingly same price. In this regard, you can be sure that they all have bigger hard drives than just 128GB.

The lower entry price of the MacBook Air (2019) is a really good option, that is if you’re set on owning a MacBook. However, some of Apple’s not so great habits and it’s so clear, this is obviously for increasing competition between Windows laptops, there are better value options that you should consider in this particular issue.

Moreover, Apple didn’t change the external design of the new MacBook Pro (2019) from its predecessor.

So, this is really good news if you’re a fan of the design of the MacBook Air. But, don’t forget that it’s not so nice if you want a more substantial update.

As a matter of fact, the new MacBook Pro (2019 is really thin and light, but it is also solid and durable, so it’s not necessary to worry about bends and dents. Otherwise, you should be thankful to the MacBook Air that it made this valuable MacBook from an aluminum alloy that is really great and feels robust. In order to keep the same design as last year’s model, the new MacBook Air (2019) is once again crafted out of 100% recycled aluminum, which means that they didn’t use any new metal to build this device. That’s an extraordinary selling point for people concerned about the environment.

With all these attractive stories about the new MacBook Pro 92019), we can easily guess, this year’s model has the same features like the 2018 model.

MacBook Air 2019 has two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left. (Image credit: Future)

It’s clear that the MacBook Air is only equipped with two Thunderbolt 3 ports. then it is somehow disappointing but understandable, because of the slim design of the laptop. However, Apple’s choice to place both ports on the left-hand side it’s really confusing – and it still continues to do it in the 2019 model.

If one port had been put on each side, it would have let people a bit more flexibility when they are charging their MacBook Air. Instead, you always need to sit in a particular position with the power adapter plugged into the left of the laptop.

Moreover, the most beneficial change is the keyboard. The new MacBook Air (2019) now uses the refined third-generation Butterfly keyboard that came with this year’s MacBook Pros.

Before versions of the MacBook keyboards using older Butterfly switches were really weak. Apple has gotten a lot of flak for this, as a matter of fact, when you spend a lot of money for a laptop, it seems natural that you’d expect the stronger keyboard without any fear about falling apart.

During this condition that Apple’s Keyboard Service Program, will replace a faulty keyboard freely, it also consider that the problem will still be continued probably. So, we hope that the next MacBook Air will revealed without these stories.

Exactly like the previous model, Touch ID is present, easily letting you to log into the MacBook Air with your fingerprint or pay for stuff using Apple Pay. The bigger Force Touch trackpad is available too, and as with last year’s model, it feels comfortable to use and works really well.

We should mention that, the MacBook Air (2019)’s design hasn’t changed a lot. Just in some ways, it’s a good thing – but somehow it’s disappointing. We hope so, the next model of the MacBook Air will try something as ground-breaking as the original MacBook Air.

True Tone screen

The next and noticeable change in the MacBook Air (2019) is the screen, which now touts Apple’s True Tone technology.

The True Tone feature fine-tunes the color temperature automatically – usually whites – shown on the display, depending on the ambient light you’re MacBook Air is in. It can have a pleasing effect, especially on your eyes – when you first start the MacBook Air (2019), you can toggle the setting on and off to have the difference. And, while this setting may not be for everyone, we have found it really does an effective option of making colors seems more natural.

True Tone has been included in MacBook Pros for recently, and we’ve often thought that it wasn’t for everyone. MacBook Pros are often used by photographers, video editors and digital creatives who need accurate colors – something that True Tone messes with. However, with the MacBook Air, which is planned at more usual laptop users who aren’t as concerned about color accuracy, using this feature prepare much more sense.

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