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Capacity Of Smart Phones Battery Will Be Increase With Nano Chains A Material

New methods of Nano chains a structure can make better batteries.

As a matter of fact, all electronically gadgets grow fast and they are really complicated and modern but there is really a big but about them and it is their batteries. Unfortunately, all modern gadgets can’t be charged just for a day. An experiment has been done recently in Purdue university that can be helpful in this issue. Scientists of this university found a new way or design for Lithium-ion batteries that increase the capacity and of the batteries and speed for charging.

You should know that the capacity of every kinds of batteries depend on the number of Lithium-ion. However, there are other materials that can save more Lithium-ion, but now all batteries have graphite because of their weight. Researchers found an element that its name is Antimony.It has Nano chains structure. Nano chains electrode has got double capacity in compare with graphite electrode in Lithium-ion. This quality is okay in long term periods too, even 100 times charging and recharging.

Similar materials have tested before but because of their weight weren’t so much successful. Moreover, this is not what you want in your smart phones.

Scientists are testing special chemical materials that contain reducing agent and a nuclearization agent to have sufficient expansion and preventing to destroy the electrodes. In the following steps they are going to design a battery in the same size of a real battery. You can search more about it in «Three-Dimensional Antimony Nano chains for Lithium-Ion Storage» in Applied Nano Materials magazine.


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