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Microsoft Appears With Dual-Screen Devices, Updated Surface Laptops and More

Microsoft had an event in New York City to present New Surface devices and several new dual screen that coming soon.

MacRumors Videographer Dan were in that event and took some pictures from some footage of the newly presented products, you can visit them on our YouTube channel.

The most exciting products in Microsoft event was the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo. These are foldable dual display devices. The Neo is a kind of tablet sized but Duo is the same size as a phone. Both have two displays that they aren’t connected together in to one display but instead displayed side by side with a hinge.

The Surface Neo features two nine inch displays that can fold out in to a bigger 13-inch form, but the Duo has got two 5.6-inch displays that can foldout in to 8.3-inch tablet.

As a matter of fact, they can easily hold these devices just like a book, you can use one of its side for one app and the other side for another app. Moreover, you can fold them up in to a more traditional form factor. They can be unfolded like a laptop form if you like.

The larger surface Neo has a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and Wonder Bar that is exactly the same as the Touch Bar on Apples Laptop but bigger and has got more functions.

Windows 10X is a new custom software that is based on windows ten but designed for the dual displays runs on the Neo, while the Duo, which is Microsoft first smartphone since the windows iPhone in 2017, runs a heavily skinned version of Android.

As a matter of fact, these two devices are really interesting devices that Microsoft experienced them till now, but there is a big but here, they are not launching till holiday season in 2020.Microsoft unfortunately didn’t have any prototype to show it out.

Now let’s talk about a little about what Microsoft wants to present again, it is Surface lineup. The new Surface Pro X designed to compete with 12.9-inch iPad Pro, features a 13-inch display and its super slim and really light. Moreover, it has a great cover that integrates with a new Surface Slim Pen, and there is an SSD that’s users accessible.

The Surface Pro X has these features:

-SQ1 processor

– LTE connectivity

– 13 hours of battery life

– 2 USB-C ports

The price of it starts from 999$ and it will be available in early November.

Microsoft had another new Surface Laptop 3 with variable colors and finishes, and larger trackpad, equipped with a USB-C port. There is a standard13-inch model and a new larger 15-inch model that uses AMD Ryzen Surface Edition chips.

Price of the Laptop 3 starts with $999 for 13-inch model and $1199 for 15-inch model. Microsoft has got a plan to release them this month.

The last but not the least product of note is Earbuds, it is wire-free Earbuds that are designed to compete with Apples Air pods. This surface is kind of has in-ear piece that fits in to the ear and circular disk that’s very big and sits in the outer part of the ear.

The disk supports gestures to control the playback and live transcription to communicate access multiple languages. Microsoft is charging $249 for its Earbuds and they are ready in the year.


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