Important Ways to Hygienic and Disinfect Your Phone in the COVID-19 pandemic

Let’s think a little about how often do you usually check your phone? Good or bad. we all check our smartphones anytime. And as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s really significant to think about what might be creep around on your device.

Some  studies, everything from e.coli to Staphylococcus aureus ― also known as MRSA ― has been lifted from the surface of smartphones. Research from the United Kingdom suggests 1 in 6 phones have feces on it, since some people browse apps in the bathroom, and set their phones down during bath time, or again. In other words, your beloved device is a hotbed for germs.

As a matter of fact, the surface of your phone is exactly the host of Corona virus if you just touch it, said Jagdish Khubchandani, a professor of health science at Ball State University.

If we accept that,“We spend at least two hours daily touching the phone or more than this time,” he said. “It undoubtedly becomes a vehicle of transmission, mainly when people share their phones together.”

Dr. Neha Vyas, a family medicine physician at Cleveland Clinic, approved this idea too.

So “The frequency with which you should wash your phone is perhaps similar to how frequently you use it,” she explained. “If you are taking it in a place that is germ-y, it is expected that you want to clean it.”

If you’ve heard about UV light devices that remove germs from the phone, these can possibly work to destroy microbes ― but only with best conditions.

Do certain types of UV lights kill germs exactly? Yes. Could these devices useful in theory? Yes. But are they true in reality? That’s the main question, according to Khubchandani. If online reviews are an indicator, the answer is possibly not.

“The important matter is, are all these products tested for efficiency?” Khubchandani said.

Totally, the lights are maybe not the best objective practice to avoid virus spread. They are not so much convenient, not as cheap and not as widely accessible as other disinfectants. “Wipes seem to be the best choice for cost, handiness and proven efficiency,” Khubchandani said.

First of first , to being safe, wash your hands always and regularly  ― then check your phone. Current research on COVID-19 shows it’s most possible to be spread person-to-person through droplets, mucus or saliva.

then, the virus is more spread via hard surfaces like your phone or a door knob than soft surfaces for instance carpet or cloth.

You should know that “Soap and water are still the best choice,” Khubchandani said. “Hand washing should be done frequently. But it’s clear that, the phone, you can’t use soap and water, but you can use a Clorox wipe. Search for a wipe with 70% alcohol.”

Vyas suggested a wipe that doesn’t have bleach in it, so it doesn’t hurt your phone surface. Do not forget that Ethanol rubs can typically disinfect a surface with the Corona-virus. Whatever cleaner you use, just be sure it has time to sit and work its magic before you wipe it off.

“You can wipe the surface of the phone softly, next become sure to dry it with a microfiber cloth,” to destroy the germs totally, she said. You should use the cloth just for single time, then wash it completely to use it again.

Surely, a majority of cleaning products like disinfectant wipes are selling out at the moment. In this case, Khubchandani recommended filling a spray bottle with some simple alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, which you could then wipe away with a single-use cloth. (It’s not the preferred method of disinfecting a surface, but fine in a pinch.)

You should make sure you’re cleaning regularly: “Practice cleaning the phone,” Khubchandani said. “Make it a four-or-five-times-a-day ritual. Keep it in your mind to clean your personal devices and places with disinfectants. Always clean your desk, your computer, your phone. In this terrible situation, it’s a must to pay highly attention to our own practices [to prevent spread]. Sometimes, we easily forget the most obvious things ― like cleaning our own desk, washing hands.

At the end, use wipes on your phone, and follow up with a microfiber cloth is the best choice. And the most important point to continue washing your hands when you interact with other people and touch surfaces like your phone. Disinfect your personal environment and office space, too. Trying good hygiene is one of the best defenses against most illnesses like Corona virus.


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