Which model of the Samsung will get the Android Ten update?

It seems that Samsung isn’t so much good for presenting software updates like its competitors for example Google pixel, one plus or Nokia we shouldn’t forget that Korean technical team are really powerful in all these issues.

Samsung always presents the software updates within 6 month and all the users have accepted this fact for a long time.

Actually the delay of the Samsung has different reasons:

  1. Elaborate one UI.
  2. Different kinds of models in different markets.
  3. Hundreds of telecommunication operators around the world.
  4. Different kinds of tests that shows which one can get the updates.

Almost all software updates of Samsung telephones usually come at the end of the summer unless some of them that users should wait till spring time.

Fortunately Google separated the main core of the Android processor from one UI and it has really worked. Now to be optimistic Android Ten updates will be presented for the leaders of the Note and S.

The big T-Mobile operator and other telecommunication operators of the USA attempt so hard to present the Android Updates to the all users.

Finally Android Pure website presented a complete list of Android 10 update marketing for Samsung cellphones.

Samsung Galaxy Android 10 Update List


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