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Increase in performance speed of Samsung Note 10 in new updated version

All Samsung cellphones has equipped with different forms of energy saving during last two years. In this regard Samsung provides some facilities for the users to increase the life of the battery to use their laptop in needed time. But we should mention that these forms of battery saving had experienced a lot of reformations and corrections during these two years. Right now Samsung cellphones have equipped with 4 kinds of type for saving the life of the battery that you can choose one of them based on you desire. choice is yours. These forms presented as below:

    1. Optimal default using energy
    2. Saving energy in average
    3. Maximum saving energy
    4. Optimal performance

This kinds of performance provide a facility for the cellphone that in case of using another types of the saving energy but use optimal performance in any case. But in other machines like Galexy10 we can see that range of lightness and resolution of the display can increase in the same time, also Samsung decided to improve this type to another new type. New updated version is increasing the speed of the Galaxy note10 and note 10 Plus.

Increasing the speed of performance in updated new version of Note10

As you can see in the picture of galaxy Note 10 Plus, with increasing the speed of the system, it will increase the light and the resolution of the system as a result.

Optimal performance type in S10 and S9 just follows with increasing the light and resolution of the display.

Before activating the optimal performance in Note 10 and Note 10Plus, we should mention that it seems this type doesn’t have any effect on the life of battery. When we have installed this type, we understood that the speed of the performance increased and even follows with saving the battery energy too.


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