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Samsung Galaxy S10 Is The Winner Of Award For Supporting The Safest And Fastest Wi-Fi Network

Samsung won the reward of the best technology Wi-Fi in WBA. Because Samsung is using smart Wi-Fi system Galaxy S10 and creativity used in Wi-Fi 6.

This creativity is designed by Samsung to able the system when the user enter an environment can predict and show the unstable Wi-Fi networks, in case of recognizing it can change the system to LTE automatically.

In other hand smart Wi-Fi provides the facility to help the weak signals in some places like elevators and the network can change the Wi-Fi to the LTE.

Moreover, this facility provides the possibility of the analysis of traffic patterns and recognize the suspicious networks. Also keep the machine safe from some malware attacks.

Galaxy S10 is the winner of supporter of the safest and fastest Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi network 6 Galaxy S10 supported the next generation of the technology and increase the download and upload speed 20% in compare with the other Wi-Fi generations.

Moreover, when the user is in the crowded places and in these kinds of places usually signals are so weak then, Wi-Fi 6 automatically increase network connections four times more in compare with common connection. As a result, this happen increase the safety quality and speed and the users use less battery and save it for another necessary times.

As a matter of fact, WBA Industry Award has provided noticeable developments for the ecosystem of Wi-Fi for 7 you know these awards always assigned to network operators that supports safe and fast connections and supporters that provide other kind of benefits for their users.

In the other hand Galaxy Note 10 with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 and S10 is the best system that support Wi-Fi 6.

Samsung is doing its best to prepare the fast and smart connections for all users.

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