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Samsung Presented Galaxy Tablet TAB Active Pro With S Pen

The last Tablet of the Samsung presented two years ago, but IFA has broken this bound finally. Samsung presented its updated tablet by the name of the Galaxy Tab Active Pro. This new updated version tablet is more modern than the tablet Galaxy Tab Active 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro has got 10 inch display that is really suitable for Samsung dex. As a matter of fact, dex ability has got moveable desktop and change your tablet to desktop too. This well-built tablet has got a resolution around 1920 /1200 pixel.

This tablet’s design is really something, because it works even with the thick gloves. Moreover it’s equipped with the S pen too.

Galaxy Tab Pro Active has bellow characters too:

    • Solid in front of water and dust
    •  It has got IP68 certificate
    • It will be okay when it drops from 1.2 meters height
    • 4 Gigabyte Ram memory
    • 64 Gigabyte saving memory
    • It seems that the processor is Snapdragons 710 but not sure about it
    • Operating system is Android 9
    • The battery is 7600 milamp capacity
    • The main camera is 13 Megapixels
    • Self-camera is around 8 pixels

Korean tablet is going to German Market in first of October. The price of the Wi-Fi version of this tablet is 600 euro and the price of the LTE model is 679 euro. This tablet has been designed for business users not all or personal users.


Some of the most common Samsung repairs that fix in iRepex:

    • Screen/Glass Replacement
    • Charging port/Battery Repair
    • Water Damaged Repair
    • Sound Issue /Mic/Ear piece/Speaker
    • Main Board repair