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How to Setup a Start, Wake, Sleep, Restart, Or Shutdown Time On MacBook?

Our suggestion is making the Program feature of Energy Saver preferences to set a time for your Mac to start up, wake, sleep, restart, or shut down automatically. You can follow these steps:

  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, and then click Energy Saver.
  2. Click the Schedule button, then use the check boxes and pop-up menus to choose when to start up, wake, sleep, restart, or shut down.

For shutting down rousingly, your Mac should be awake when it’s programed to shut down, and remain awake for at least 10 minutes past that time. When it’s sleeping at the arranged shutdown time, it continues sleeping instead of shutting down. Moreover when it’s arranged to go to sleep after less than 15 minutes of inactivity, it might go back to sleep before it can shut down. In order to become sure that your Mac shuts down even when sleeping, set it to start up or wake 5 minutes before the programmed shutdown time.

Macbook Battery Replacement at iRepex

In case of any issues with your Mac Battery please consider that Apple has a program to replace some battery for MacBook pro were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 please check the link below to see if your MacBook pro is eligible. For the rest of you MacBook models you can follow these step to learn more about the battery status.

1- If battery status menu icon shows an X, computer does not recognize that means installed battery.

2- Press Option key when clicking on battery icon. Check and see whether menu shows “Your battery needs service” or “Service Battery.”

3- Battery life is too short to use or the device won’t turn on unless connected to the power source.

At iRepex we use the original Apple battery and give you 90 days Apple warranty.