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What Is Magnets Effects in MacBook?

As a matter of fact, use a device that have a magnet under your Mac notebook computer or on its palm rest might put your computer to sleep.

Your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro might go to sleep suddenly if a magnet is located under your computer or on its palm rest. check some ways that might happen in this issue:

  • Use an iPhone, iPad, or magnetic device on your computer’s palm rest. iPhone speakers and most iPad cases contain magnets.
  • Put an Apple Watch or its magnetic charging cable on your computer’s palm rest, or resting your wrist on the palm rest while wearing Apple Watch. Some watch bands contain magnets.
  • Stacking computers. The magnet in the bottom computer might turn on the switch in the top computer. For example, if you turn on the top computer, it might go to sleep before it starts up.
  • Put your computer on magnetized items.
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